Is the ideal escape from the frenzy of daily life

Blu Spa

Blu Spa” is the ideal escape from the frenzy of daily life; a needed reawakening of the senses that, too often, we forget about. Blu Spa is dedicated to providing total relaxation and holistic wellness to those looking to reconnect with themselves.

Dopo il relax, dopo qualche ora di sole e di mare...

Every guest is considered unique and will receive personalized treatment, a perfect balance of pleasure and relaxation. At last, a chance to spend time taking care of yourself, releasing stress and immersing yourself in an oasis of wellness.
Forget about your worries and let your energy be renewed: enjoy the warm, soothing Turkish bat, the revitalizing salt spa, the refreshing sensory shower and a soothing herbal tea infusion in the relaxation area. Blu Spa provides rejuvenation and well-being around every corner.

Himalayan Salt Sauna

The Himalayan Salt Sauna combines relaxing warmth
with purifying rock salt. Inside, you will find a wall of illuminated salt as well as pure,
white salt granules, sprinkled on the floor.
This immersion in salt not only creates ambience, but also helps rid the body
of any accumulated toxins. It creates an overall sense of balance in the spirit and body.

Turkish bath

Water is key to good health including when
it takes the form of steam that wraps itself around the body.
The Turkish style bath is an ancient ritual dating back to the Greeks,
Romans and other early Mediterranean peoples. Immersed
in an atmosphere of steam, one inhales the warm, lightly-fragranced vapors
while toxins are released from the body. Lose yourself in the warmth and relaxation
of the sauna and be in total harmony with your own body.

Sensory shower

Imagine surrounding yourself in a mix of soothing lights and colors while
water gently massages your skin in harmony with the rhythm of the lights.
It is a unique experience because it manages to achieve full-body restoration and relaxation.
It is a treatment especially beneficial to the neck and shoulder areas.
Through the variety of shower jets, the upper body muscles are able to release and relax.

Relaxation Room

Here, you will feel sublimely relaxed on one of the side-by- side chaise lounge
chairs, ergonomically designed to relax the legs and promote good circulation.
Don’t forget to rehydrate yourself with a wonderful
herbal tea infusion while you enjoy your relaxation.
Soft lights and relaxing oasis

New sensory experiences

Along with the soft lights and relaxing oasis. Aromatherapy involves emotions, memories and sense. It is a unique experience that encompasses many things – art, shapes, life, therapy.