Riviera del sole is in a surprising and exciting part of Sicily surrounded by cultural heritage, sea and mountains.You can easily go on interesting excursions within Sicily.


Today Gliaca is the most modern district in the village of Piraino. It’s a lively and charming center that is growing day by day. You can visit the historical centre: the Saracen tower, the church with its catacombs, the “Guardiola”, a belvedere with one of the most beautiful views in Sicily


The visitor can admire the Greek – Roman theater, the basilica, the baths, the Roman houses, and some parts of the walls. Where there was the ancient agora, in the highest point of Tindari, today it’s possible to visit the Sanctuary of the black Madonna and enjoy the nature reserve with Marinello lakes, Oliveri and an extraordinary setting.

Capo d'orlando

Capo d’Orlando today lives a perfect balance between past and present. Culture, music, sports, tourist events are always present in this town. The lighthouse is one of the symbols of Capo d’Orlando, charming and romantic, just below the mountain, where the sanctuary and the ruins of the Castle of Orlando emphasize the medieval origins of Capo d’Orlando.

Isole Eolie

The Aeolian Islands archipelago consists of seven islands: Alicudi, Filicudi, Lipari, Salina, Stromboli, Panarea. The main components of these islands are volcanic rock and lava belonging to different geological periods. The wild coasts, overlooking the sea , are rich in volcanic craters and active volcanoes, like Stromboli and the Gran Cratere della Fossa in Vulcano island. WELCOME to the charming world of the Aeolian islands.


Taormina is located on Mount Tauro, in a charming and panoramic setting. The Greek – Roman theater is probably the most important tourist attraction. From here you can enjoy a view on the Calabria coast, on the Ionian coast and Etna. Not only the theater. Thanks to its historical, cultural and archaeological heritage, Taormina is one of the most attractive destinations in Sicily.


Etna is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world and the highest in Europe, with a height of 3340 meters. The landscape of Etna is characterized by a multitude of aspects. You can find small towns and agricultural crops, especially citrus, some vineyards and the Mediterranean area. It ’s also a wooded area full of chestnut trees, beeches, oaks, pines. At 2000 meters there are just a few shrubs to get to 2900 meters and reach a moonscape. Mountain, sun, snow and fire: four elements that characterize the volcano.


Welcome to the largest protected area in Sicily! The Nebrodi mountains represent a fascinating universe for the geographic position, the history, the nature and the culture. Food products are very renowned, for example sausages obtained with the meat of the Nebrodi black pig. The Nebrodi cuisine, expression of an ancient peasant culture, is simple but at the same time full of flavor. This part of Sicily should be visited not only for its natural beauty, but also for the architectural treasures, cultural resources and traditions.


Cefalù is one of the tourist gems in the province of Palermo. During the Norman domination (in the eleventh century) it knows a great development. The structure of its magnificent cathedral conserve inside works of extraordinary artistic value, the first of them the mosaic of Christ Pantocrator, and then Byzantine mosaics, testimony to a mixture of styles that make Sicilian art unique.


The city of Palermo, the regional capital of Sicily, is considered the focal, cultural and economic point, between the Mediterranean Sea and Europe. For this reason, in the past it has been conquered by the Sicani, the Cretans, Elimi, Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, Angevins, Aragonese, Spanish and Austrians. All these people have left monuments and extraordinary remains.. Do not miss: Teatro Massimo, Politeama, Palatine Chapel, Cathedral, Church and Cloister of St. John of the Hermits, the Royal Palace or Palace of the Normans, Abatellis Palace, Botanical Gardens, Zisa Castle … And to complete your tour: arancina or cannoli with ricotta.

La valle dei Templi

The monuments in the valley are what remains of the ancient city of Akragas, founded in the sixth century. B.C by colonists from Gela and that became “the most beautiful city of mortals.” The Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Temple of Castor and Pollux, the Temple of Hercules, the Temple of Concord (one of the best preserved temples in the world), the Temple of Juno, the Temple of Eusculapio and the Tomb of Theron, the garden of Kolymbetra: these are some of the monuments of the Valley, now declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The visit in the valley will convince you that it’s true what the Greek philosopher Empedocles said : “The Greeks ate and drank as if they were to die the next day and built as if they were to ?


Behind Palermo, on the hills, this picturesque town is situated in the center of what was once called the Conca d’Oro for the presence of lemon and orange trees. The Cathedral, with almost 7000 square meters of Byzantine mosaics, is a perfect expression of the coexistence of different civilizations and cultures that create an extraordinary mix of east and west traditions.