With the contribution of the PO FESR Sicilia 2014/2020 community fund, thanks to a project financed under Action 3.3.4 (Aid subject to publication in the RNA), the company TIRRENA TUR SRL proceeded with the expansion of the production capacity of an existing accommodation facility, namely the Hotel Resort SPA Riviera del Sole, located in Piraino (ME), Fraz. Gliaca in Via Del Mare.

Project objectives:
1. Offer of an innovative and high quality tourist product, capable of promoting knowledge of the existing cultural and natural heritage and strengthening the role of tourism in the local economy;
2. Promotion of the use of ICT;
3. Improvement of the quality of life of the citizens of the district and improvement of the economy of the area and related activities;
4. Promotion of sustainable development.
The project activities involved the purchase/construction of:
– Technological air conditioning systems with remote and home automation management for the apartments;
– Kitchen and restaurant equipment (oven, hood, slicer, restaurant tables);
– Furnishings (outdoor loungers, chairs);
– Website with e-commerce, high visibility and App for tourist facilities;

Accomplished results:
The project allowed the qualification of the area’s offer through the proposal of new product, strategic and organizational solutions. Innovation takes shape in the service offered which does not only consist of simple receptivity understood in the traditional way, i.e. sale of accommodation, but in complete receptivity supported by qualifying and emerging web technologies, which aims to educate, raise awareness and enhance the heritage historical, cultural, artistic and landscape of the area, respecting its nature, origins and the way of life of the inhabitants. This is an innovative solution pursued through new and modern tools that allow the development of web services for tourism and cultural promotion. Just think of the availability of a website with e-commerce (online booking and payments), which at the same time informs customers about the area and offers alternative routes to better experience and get to know it. Furthermore, in order to facilitate the access of disabled people to IT tools, the site was designed and developed following the “High Visibility” principles outlined in Law 4/2004. The company also provides users with an application (app) for mobile devices in order to give customers the opportunity to use all the services offered in full autonomy. They can use and book the services offered at any place and time (accommodation booking, cultural-environmental itineraries, etc.), allowing them to personalize their holiday to the maximum, and in real time.
In particular, the Company has decided to focus on the field of technology and eco-innovation, dealing with a continuously evolving and highly advanced system through the installation of air conditioning systems with remote and home automation management, within the 64 apartments of the structure, in order to make the rooms more comfortable, safe and reliable. This solution made it possible to increase comfort for guests, increase safety and, last but not least, make the structure more organized and optimized at both a management and energy level. Finally, the project allowed the promotion of collaborations with related sectors and with local operators, contributing to the development of the district’s economy